MON 21st FEB

7:45 – 9pm 

We will host online via Zoom – all can attend.

Meeting ID:
930 2160 3486


If you are interested in attending or interested in applying for any of the roles, please email us at


As the FOH is a registered charity, all committee members (Officers and Ordinary Committee members) automatically become Trustees of the Charity. Before submitting your nomination form, please read the Charity Commission publication ‘The Essential Trustee – What you need to know (CC3)’. A copy of the booklet can be found on the Charity Commission website:

The Committee is made up of the following roles:

Chair – directs our meetings, ensuring everyone’s views are heard and everyone is involved in meetings. They should make sure all committee members are familiar with the association’s constitution, their role and responsibilities as a committee member and trustee.

Vice Chair – supports the Chair ensuring that the Committee and all of the events continue to run smoothly. As with the Chair, leadership, enthusiasm and energy are necessary qualities for this post.

Secretary – supports the Chair to build effective communication links between the school and the association and maintains accurate records.

Treasurer – ensures accurate financial records are kept and best practice procedures are followed for counting money, banking and making payments. He or she should keep the committee updated with regular reports, and ensure end of year reports are completed for the association’s AGM and the Charity Commission annual return.

Ordinary Member (responsibilities agreed at first committee meeting but could include Marketing officer, Communications officer, Class Representative Manager, Initiatives Manager, Events Organiser, Health and Safety officer)

To find out more about the various committee roles go to

If you wish to stand as a Committee member please email us at