Class Reps


Class Parent
Esra Gok
Jen Wheelhouse
RJ Elle Bewley
RF Sophie Brewster
RL Tara Gundogdu
1B Keren Keitch
1C Amanda Fasge, Malti Tailor
1S Sezen Salahi, Hannah Page
2BD Hannah Holden
2RM Denise Ng
2M Keisha Lucien
3J Angeliki Edwards, Ewa Rzadkowska
3D Sarah Strong, Carlien Rendall
3L Andrea Vivas, Rhona Crewe
4GF Bakan-Dahen, Masha-Noomi
4C Kirsty Wallace Galloway
Ghenti Etan, Senel Cerkes
5P Angela Brookes
5M Danielle Panteli, Skevi Menicou
5C Gigi Berber
6C Liz Whale
6A Jane Warrington, Anastasia Arvanitidou
6P Sezen Salahi, Claire Varnavides

Make a difference!

The class representative role is a voluntary role which can help you get to know parents across the whole school. It is fun and is not too time consuming. Please note that class representatives are not to be used to help other parents express concerns about their own children.  This should continue to be done directly between the parents themselves and the teacher.

If you are a parent/carer and haven’t already passed on your contact details to your class rep, please do so to enable them to add you to the class WhatsApp or email group.

What is the role of a parent representative? 

* The parent representative serves a primary role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher and the class.

*Liaise with the parents in the class by keeping them informed of activities and events organised by the class teacher.

* When possible, attend meetings run by the PTA to be kept informed of upcoming events and to pass on suggestions from other parents. If you work full time, please don’t let this put you off becoming a class rep. You will be emailed the minutes from our meetings if you are unable to attend.

* Encourage parents to donate resources or volunteer when requested by the class teacher or by the PTA.

* Regularly visit the school website and read the monthly newsletter online, so that you are aware of what is happening in the school.

How to get involved
* If you wish to put yourself forward as a class rep, please email Please include your full name, mobile number, your child’s name and their class that you wish to represent.